Last Saturday, December 7, was the last PMP exam for 2019. Many students felt that the exam was more difficult than the mock exam. Others felt that the questions were too complicated and had many pitfalls. What should I do if the PMP exam is not passed?

The PMP exam or any other exam is a test of learning. However, it doesn’t represent your entire learning process. Do you want to do well on the exam? You need to have a positive attitude and a lot of knowledge. We must have a positive attitude and not worry about the exam.

Even if you fail the exam for the first time, don’t be discouraged. This is a good time to work harder to prepare for the exam. It is impossible to stop reading and answering questions.

We attach the following Notes to help you prepare for the PMP Make-up Exam:

There are generally two ways to pay PMP. The first is to use the payment fast channel directly from the official website (no need for you to log into the Chinese system) and make payment. The second is to log in to the registration system and use your corresponding bank card to pay.

The initial PMP test costs USD 610.66, while the make-up test costs USD 391.45. The payment time usually takes place within the Chinese registration period, which is typically about two months prior to the test. The general examination times are March, June, September, and December. The payment time for the four PMP registration times is January, April July, July, and November.

Register on the PMI website to register for the PMP examination in China. The registration period is one year. One registration is good for one year. The domestic PMP exam takes place four times per year. Register in January to be eligible for the March exam. If you fail the March exam, you can register for the June exam. There are also exams in September, December, which are the PMP exams for the year. This means that if you fail the March PMP exam, you can take the make up exam for three times.

Let’s then talk about how difficult is the PMP.

The PMP exam, a certification exam for project managers, is used worldwide to launch the Project Management Institute (PMI). The PMP exam is held in China four times per year. The passing rate in China is generally greater than 85%. If you feel you don’t have the time or motivation to study, you can enroll in training courses like ours. The passing rate is usually over 90%. You can easily pass the PMP exam by studying in accordance to the training course arrangement.

Let’s end with some tips to help you prepare for the PMP exam.

It is best to read the PMBOK at least twice. The first time you should read it is to go through it, and the second is to carefully read it. The third time can be used to review the material before taking the exam. After having read the textbook, you will need to return to the book with the test question, answer the questions continuously, and then go back into the book to consolidate your knowledge. Sometimes people only read the contents of the book and may not be able to solve their own problems. Only by solving problems can we discover our weak links and fill in the gaps.

It’s okay to fail the PMP first time. You can reflect on the reasons you failed the PMP, and make sure to allow enough time for the make-up exam. You must remember the book information and practice it. Persistence is the key to victory